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Smoke Rise School is located in a residential area between Tucker, GA and Stone Mountain Park, about 15 miles from downtown Atlanta. Established in 1969, we now have approximately 500 Pre-K through 5th grade students, with three to four classes in each K-5 grade level. Our academic program offers a range of educational opportunities including music, art, technology, special education, high achievers, and gifted programs.
School Hours and Visitors
The school day begins promptly at 7:40 and ends at 2:10. All visitors sign in at the front office and receive a visitor's badge.
  • Bus Riders enter the building at 7am.
  • Car Riders enter the building at 7:10am.
  • Breakfast ends at 7:30am.
  • Tardy Bell rings at 7:40am.
  • Early student check-out is at 1:45pm.
  • Bus Students dismissal is at 2:10pm.
  • Car-riders, walkers, daycare, & after-school will be dismissed at 2:15pm. 
  • Car-rider & daycare pick-up ends at 2:30pm. 
Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures
Bus Riders
  • Bus riders will be dropped-off and picked-up in front of the school in the bus lane.
  • Students will enter the building through the doors located in the front of the school.
  • There is no parking in the bus lane between the hours of 7:00AM and 1:45PM-2:30PM.
Vehicles illegally parked in the bus lane will be subject to traffic violations strictly enforced by the DeKalb County School District Police Department.
Car Riders Morning Procedures
  • Car riders will be dropped-off between 7:10AM - 7:35AM in the car rider lane at the side of the building near the gym.
  • Car riders should not be dropped off before 7:10AM.
  • At 7:35AM the side door is closed and car riders enter through the front doors. Parents may not double park in front of the school.
  • At 7:40AM students are tardy and parents must come into the school office to sign-in their children.
Car Riders Afternoon Procedures
  • Car riders will be picked-up between 2:10PM - 2:30PM in the car rider lane located at the side of the building near the gym. 
  • There is no parking in the car rider lane. The traffic monitor will direct cars when to move and stop in order to safely load children.
  • Parents must remain in their cars at all times.  
  • Parents may not park in the parking lot and pick-up their children from the gym. For safety reasons, the school will not have students cross between vehicles to meet a ride.
At no time may a parent park illegally or block traffic. Afternoon car riders not picked-up by 2:30PM will be placed in the afterschool program and charged a drop-in fee of $15.
Car Riders - Car Numbers
  • If you plan on picking up your child at any time during the school year, you must have a car pick-up number. You may receive a number from the front office.
  • The car pick-up number must be placed visibly so that it can easily be seen.
  • If you do not have a car pick-up number, you will have to park your car and come inside the school building to pick up your child.
  • Each family will receive 2 car pick-up numbers.
  • The school will dismiss walking students from the front door of the school.
  • Walkers will be dismissed after buses have departed at 2:20PM.  
Uniform Policy
Smoke Rise Elementary is committed to providing your child with the best positive learning experience in a safe environment. We work each day to encourage students to be successful at their job of learning. We believe standard dress code has a positive impact on students’ learning and behavior in and around the school, serves to unite students, increases school pride, and eliminates class barriers that develop when some students cannot afford expensive name-brand clothing. 
School Mascots
Since the earliest days of our school we have been known as the "Smoke Rise Flames," which is consistent with the chimney logo seen throughout the Smoke Rise neighborhood. In time, the "Flame" has come to be our academic mascot heralding high achievement. 
In spring 2002, with plans to build a gymnasium on our campus, Smoke Rise decided to adopt an additional mascot representing school spirit and athletics. In a school-wide election, students chose the Jaguar as our new spirit mascot, in keeping with the Tigers of Tucker High School and the Cougars of our then-middle school Henderson.
Charter History 
Smoke Rise Elementary petitioned and was successful in becoming a converted charter school from 2012-2015.   
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