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Smoke Rise Elementary

Dekalb County Schools


Smoke Rise Elementary School communicates across all grade levels.


1) Phone Calls/Internet/Email/Class Dojo.   Parents can access information through talking directly to the teacher (calls will be returned within 24 hours), email, ClassDojo, or the school’s website.  Class Dojo is a primary source of communication between home and school. All parents must have a Class Dojo account. Teachers will connect parents to Class Dojo.


2) Student Agenda Planners.   The main source of communication for all students is his/her agenda planner.  Generally, planners include spelling words, homework assignments, and written notes from teachers.  Important messages may be stapled to a child’s agenda planner if needed.  Parents/guardians are required to read and sign the agenda planner daily and are encouraged to write messages back to teachers. 


3) Peek at the Week.  The Peek at the Week is posted weekly.   It gives an overview of the GA Standards of Excellence taught per subject area for the week and upcoming events. 


4) Couriers.   Couriers go home every Friday.   They contain graded work, PTO flyers, information regarding school-wide events, etc.  Progress Reports and Report Cards also go home via Friday couriers every 4.5 weeks. Parents/guardians are required to review and sign the courier, returning it with the child on Monday morning.

  • Peek-at-the-Week Newsletter
  • Communication Road Map
  • ClassDojo
  • Chromebooks (Digital Dreamers)

    DeKalb County School District (DCSD) provides students with 1:1 access to a Chromebook as a part of the Digital Dreamers program. A user agreement must be submitted prior to a student receiving a Chromebook. Chromebooks remain the property of DCSD and must be returned upon withdrawal from the District and/or end of year collection process. The parent is responsible for the full cost of all devices lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair. Insurance options are available for purchase through vetted companies.