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Smoke Rise Elementary

Dekalb County Schools



Smoke Rise Elementary S.T.E.M. Mission Statement

We are developing 21st century students that use creativity, critical thinking, 
collaboration and communication to solve real-world problems.

Green Engineering and Sustainability

Smoke Rise’s S.T.E.M. curriculum is taking a new direction. Our curriculum will focus more on engineering through the environment. The students will study environmental problems and different ways to solve these problems through engineering. In addition, we will implement computer coding as part of our technology component. All students in grades kindergarten through 5th will learn computer coding using the Scratch platform, as well the software on the website. We are implementing the use of Engineering is Elementary units. S.T.E.M. lessons are also align with the Georgia science standards. For example, the 2nd graders create roller coasters to solve problems involving force, motion, and gravity. These are all 2nd grade science standards. Look below for the upcoming lessons in S.T.E.M.

Kindergarten through 2nd grade- Agricultural Engineering: butterflies and pollination, sustainable gardening, green rooftops. aquaponics

Technology- WeDo Robotics, and computer coding with Scratch

3rd grade through 5th grade - Environmental Engineering: building water filters, cleaning oil spills, recycling, green building design

Technology- Lego Robotics, building mini-computers (Raspberry Pi 2), computer coding

Industry Partners - Home Depot, Sodexo, Georgia Power, Steel Magnolias Gardening Club, Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center

Click this link to see pictures.


Science & Engineering Fair

The Science & Engineering Fair is mandatory for students in grades 3-5. For more information, please refer to the Science & Engineering Fair packet. If you have any questions, please email Ms. Cummings