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Smoke Rise Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

Safety Plan

Safety Plan

Smoke Rise Elementary top priority is always student safety. All DeKalb County Schools are required to have a comprehensive safety plan in place that aligns with the district’s procedures. 
  • Safety plans are reviewed and revised (as needed) by DCSD School Safety at least twice a year.
  • Our school routinely practices emergency drills such a Fire, Tornado, Lock-Down, Evacuation, and Weather. 
  • Our school has staff who are trained in CPR/AED and First Aid. 
  • Our school has a full-time nurse. 
  • Our school administrators and DCSD School Safety have direct access to our camera monitoring system. 
  • Our school’s safety drill procedures and campus check/audit by DeKalb County School Safety Officers has received for the last 10 years a perfect school safety score of 100 points + 2 additional bonus points each year. 

In the case of an emergency where our school must evacuate the school building for relocation, there are procedures in place. Smoke Rise Elementary will follow procedures outlined in our safety handbook and follow DeKalb County Schools Police Department to notify parents via our emergency messaging. It is imperative that your Parent Portal, Class Dojo, email, and personal contact information in our school files are updated. These communications will be ways to keep in contact with you.